Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phatal Records' Blastphumis a Feature in The Beat Clash vs. The Mic Clash Tonight

Phatal Records' own Blastphumis will feature for a second time at The Carry Out and One Vs. Many's "The Beat Clash vs. The Mic Clash" tonight. This wildly popular hip-hop event takes place at Bohemian Caverns (2001 U Street NW) and will include live performances by Bomani Armah, Enoch the 7th Prophet, Stef and others. The night promises to be filled with great music and great beats as hip-hop artists go head to head and producers go toe to toe in this "battle" style open mic. Don't miss it!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tracks From Smoke EP Now Available For Download From AmazonMP3

"Karma", "All My Life" (feat. Yung E of Likeblood) and the title track "Smoke" from Phatal Records' and Blastphumis' debut EP are now available for purchase at Amazon.com's AmazonMP3 store! If you saw Blastphumis rock the mic at the 4/20 Smoke EP Release and "Joint" Show then you know these songs are worth having for just 99 cents each. If you didn't, shame on you! Download one or all of these tracks onto your iPod or mobile device today!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

4/20 Smoke EP Release Equals Success For Phatal Industries

Photo credit: Jean Estel, Hood Dream Photographie. From left: Dior Ashley Brown and Blastphumis at Bohemian Caverns, April 20, 2010 for the Phatal Industries Smoke EP Release Party and "Joint" Show.

Over a year in the making, April 20 marked the much-anticipated release of Phatal Industries and Blastphumis' debut EP, Smoke. "We knew that when this album dropped we had to do something really big and really fun," says Arielle Jordan, Phatal Industries Director of Marketing. "Releasing an album called 'Smoke' on 4/20 was perfect. We knew we had it in the bag with that one!"

In the infamous caves of Bohemian Caverns located on D.C.'s historic U Street, the Smoke EP release party and "joint" (pun intended) show drew all kinds of people together. "I believe it was a diverse event because people were not only able to celebrate '4/20' but were also able to experience a broad range of D.C. hip-hop at its finest," Jordan says. "There was definitely something for everyone."

Opening the show co-hosted by Phatal's Blastphumis and Dior Ashley Brown, was The Real Jay Mills. Even though dressed in a delicate blazer, striped skirt and high heels, the power of a strong D.C. female MC showed through in her performance of "Coming to Break You Off (420 Remix)" and "Good Life." Both are from Mills' upcoming Summer Madness mixtape which drops on Jun. 20. She concluded her set with the sexy, confident D.C. hip-hop ballad, "Watch It" available from TheRealJayMills.com. No doubt, Mills did her job in warming up the crowd. Local D.C. artist Felix "Flex" Osuchukwu was also on hand painting live artwork inspired by the sights, sounds and vibe of the show.

Gypc, Yung E, and Mbea Da 1 of Likeblood Entertainment took the stage next as the special guests of the night performing "Get It All" and "202 Boyz" as well as their latest single "Money Ova Here" featuring Bobby V., which recently aired on BET's 106 and Park as New Joint of the Day. Likeblood's performance succeeded in getting the crowd on their feet and proved why this D.C. trio was recently named Best Rap Group at the 2010 DMV Music Awards. Their current project, out now, is titled 3010 We All Alone.

As the bar continued serving up Phatal's two special 4/20-themed cocktails, The Sky High and Formula 420, Baltimore's own experimental hip-hop band, and "joint" show performers Soul Cannon went on. This highly talented quartet consists of frontman, Eze Jackson, vocals, Matt Frazao, guitars/effects, Jon Birkholz, keys/effects, and Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums. The crowd seemed to respond especially well to the hip-hop/jazz/rock infused set which included tracks such as, "F sharp," "Run Faster," "Man Power," and "2010 A.D." All are available on their upcoming project, The Mixed Ape, out this summer.

After a brief intermission, the lights went low and a stirring riff played by New York guitarist, Steve Bornet, caused the crowd to shout in excitement. After being introduced by Phatal's own in-house producer, Micheal "Awkward Silence" Saltzman, headliner Blastphumis emerged from the haze of a smoke machine on stage causing the crowd to go wilder still. Fittingly, he opened his set with the title track of his EP, "Smoke." After thanking the show-goers and performers he launched into his 1 and a half hour set which included songs from Smoke such as "Thin Line," All My Life" with Yung E of Likeblood, "Show Me Love" with Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon, "Crooked" with Gypc of Likeblood, "How Can I Tell 'Em" and "1981."

This may have been his first major show but Blastphumis performed like he was headlining at Madison Square Gardens. Cool and confident in a D.C. hat, shades and Johnny Walker Black in hand, he kept the crowd attentive, bopping their heads and occasionally screaming "WOOOO!" at the the top of their lungs. Supporting Blastphumis' set were the uniquely infectious beats of Awkward Silence who produced all the tracks on Smoke. Also alongside the headliner was Dior Ashley Brown, Phatal's own Hostess, Poet, Actress, and MC. This show marked her debut performance as a female MC not to be reckoned with. The statuesque Brown spit her own original material with Blastphumis in "Trouble" and the tantalizing performance of "Get It" in which Awkward Silence sang back up on. Both are tracks from Blastphumis' upcoming project, the LP, Mirrors due out this fall.

The set concluded with Blastphumis' encore performance of "Karma," the final track on the Smoke EP, marking a milestone for the D.C. start-up, Phatal Industries. "When the lights came on and the show was over, it felt like we had reached our destination after a long plane ride - we finally made it!" Jordan says. "But this surely isn't our last stop."

Phatal Industries has more performances, projects and events scheduled throughout summer and fall. For more information, visit www.phatalindustries.com.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smoke EP Released Under Phatal Records

A few years in the making, Smoke dropped appropriately on 4/20, 2010. The project serves as Phatal Records' and Blastphumis' official debut. "The album is called Smoke for a lot of reasons," he says. "Smoke is always the first signal that a fire is coming. [It also symbolizes] I've inhaled life and I'm exhaling it." All tracks on the project were produced by Phatal Record's very own in-house producer, Michael "Awkward Silence" Saltzman. Local collaborations include tracks co-written and performed by GYPC ("Crooked") and Yung E ("All My Life") of Likeblood Entertainment, and album cover art work by Felix Osuchukwu and Miles Bumbray -- all of whom, along with Blastphumis and Awkward Silence, are alumni of Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. Also featured on the album is Eze Jackson, frontman of Baltimore's experimental hip-hop band, Soul Cannon, in "Show Me Love." "I want [listeners] to understand that this is my 'early work,'" Blastphumis says. "I hit a lot of real life subjects; for this first project I had a lot of sh-- to get off my chest real quick." See what music bloggers are saying about the Smoke EP and other Phatal press here!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phatal Records Reveals Smoke EP Cover Art

On April 10, 2010, the cover art for Phatal Records' and Blastphumis' debut EP, Smoke, was unveiled. The artwork combines an original oil painting of Blastphumis by D.C. artist Felix "Flex" Osuchukwu and alluring graphics by D.C. graphic designer Miles Bumbray. This collaboration among the three graduates of Duke Ellington School of the Arts was the final piece in making the Smoke EP project complete. "The music [on Smoke] is very cerebral," says Arielle Jordan, Phatal Record's Director of Marketing, "the cover art is reflective of that. It's letting you know that you're about to step into Blastphumis' world."

Phatal Records is celebrating the release of Smoke with a release party and show at Bohemian Caverns (2001 U Street NW) starting at 8:30 PM on April 20, 2010. There will be live performances by Blastphumis, Soul Cannon, Likeblood Ent., Dior Ashley Brown and others. Tickets will be on sale at the door but will be going fast -- order online now at www.phatalindustries.com/420showtickets.html.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phatal Industries Interview on WMUC FM 88.1

Blastphumis and Dior Ashley Brown of Phatal Industries were featured guests on the BeautyShop show at UMD college radio station, WMUC on Tuesday. In addition to topics prompted by BeautyShop "stylists" Shauna Stuart, Jolie Doggett and Noelani Davis, the Phatal duo performed live in the studio and Blastphumis spoke about his upcoming EP, Smoke. Click here to listen!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Purchase your 4/20 SMOKE EP Release tickets online!

Just fill in the amount of tickets you want and order away. We'll see you on 4/20 along with Blastphumis, Soul Cannon, Likeblood Ent., the Phatal crew and MORE!!!